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The First Time Father TM is a platform dedicated to Fatherhood; the ups, downs and everything in between. Every day there are Fathers out there striving to be their best – and we want to tell their stories. This is a platform where Fathers can come to share, ask questions, learn, teach, tell jokes, give advice and get advice. Our mission is to empower The First Time Father, our goal is to inspire Fathers to be the best they can be. Better fathers mean better kids, better kids mean a better life for everyone. After all, our first heroes should start at home.

Monty & Me

Monty and PJ created a DIY zoo during COVID-19 quarantine

The DIY Zoo

My son has been asking to go to the zoo for weeks, with social-distancing in effect we can’t go, so this morning we brought the zoo to him!Keeping...

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